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Current Litter

Current Litter: Current Litter Puppies

Yellow - Girl

Yellow is one of our two shy puppies. She has a light cream coat and ears. She is medium to large in this group and so we estimate the size of yellow full grown will be between 15 and 20 pounds.
She is so sweet and demure and absolutely loves affection.  She loves to take lap naps, and likes to climb to the very top any space she inhabits, but is the first one to run under the couch and hide if there’s trouble. 
Yellow is a bit timid, she will need a little conditioning if she is placed in a home with another dog or with small children but she might thrive there because she is not an alpha.


Orange - Girl

Orange is the smallest of our puppies in this litter, we estimate her weight will be between 14 and 18 pounds full-grown. She has a medium cream to tan coat with ears that are just a shade darker than her body.
She is the littlest in the litter by size and arguably one of the biggest in the litter by personality. She is playful and affectionate and full of excitement every time you greet her. 

We nicknamed orange  because when she was born her mommy bit off her umbilical cord a little too close to her tummy and she had to have a couple stitches. All fully healed now but she earned the nick name “Button” in the process.


Purple - Girl

Purple has a really pretty cream coat and darker tan ears. She is medium in size, we estimate her weight will be around 15 to 20 pounds.
Purple is a bit shy but warms up quickly. Purple is very playful and loves to sit in your lap. She loves a belly rub.
 As far as personality she’s definitely not an alpha but she’s not as shy as yellow so she would do well in just about any environment.


Red - Girl

Red is the lightest color of our puppies. With a creamy white body and tan ears. She does just about anything she can to be sitting right next to one of us, she really craves being close by. 
 Red is a very affectionate puppy, with an old soul. (So much that my son has named her after a dearly remembered family member “Riley”)
Red is medium sized for this litter, and I expect that her weight will be somewhere between 15 to 20 pounds full-grown.


Pink - Girl

Pink has a light tan coat with a white collar and white spot on her head. Pink is one of our larger puppies. We estimate her size will be 17-22 lbs full grown. 
She was the first born of the group. She is not shy and very very playful. As evidenced by the fact that her pictures are a bit blurry because it’s hard to get her to sit still.  Pink will be an active playful addition to your family.  At the same time pink is very affectionate and is one of my favorite puppies to curl up with for nap time.

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