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Here are fur babies from our previous litters


Holly and Buddy 2019

F1b litter Holly Mini Goldendoodle (25 lbs) Buddy Mini Poodle (12 lbs)


Gold - Girl

This baby girl has a cream colored

wavy soft coat.  Loves to Cuddle and laid back personality while still being playful on at times.


Dark Pink -Girl

This frisky little girl is cream colored with a wavy coat. Energetic and playful she enjoys outdoor time. 


Purple -Girl

This shy baby girl is light cream colored with wavy hair. She has a button nose. Loves to be a lapdog. Slightly petite with very soft fur.


Light Pink - Girl 

Happy little girl. Light cream curly coat. This baby girl is a lapdog, she loves attention and cuddles.


Yellow - Girl

Golden colored curly hair. Most petite of all the puppies. Small but not shy. Loves to cuddle and get attention.


Orange - Boy

This little boy has a golden blonde straight to wavy coat. He is playful and active. Trying to learn to fetch.


Green -Boy

This playful boy has golden-tan wavy coat. He is definitely our litter Alpha dog. He is energetic and playful.


Blue -Boy

This big boy has lightest color softest coat. He has a light cream to white (fluffy white cloud) wavy to straight coat. He is calm and gentle.

Past Litters: Puppies from Previous Litters
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